Components of Charismatic Worship

In my research of the various components and characteristics of charismatic worship, I came across a handful of insightful reasons for and applications of this style of worship. Below I have compiled a bullet list of the different characteristics of charismatic worship. This list is far from comprehensive; rather it is a good starting place. The various points are listed in no particular order. These views are held by individuals who are proponents of the Charismatic worship style.

  • Charismatic worship can be a style without having to adhere to charismatic theology.
  • The musical style used is typically a popular style.
  • Music is played with multiple instruments.
  • There is a tension between a strangeness and welcome attitude that is experienced by people who enter a Charismatic worship service.
  • Worship should be free of the things that may prevent intimate encounters between God and saints.
  • 3 main components of worship are 1) Praise/Worship 2) Giving 3) Preaching
  • It is understood that the adaptation of style is ok and necessary to reach young people.
  • Charismatic provides an idea of freedom on the grounds that the Holy Spirit prompts contributions from different members of the congregations during gaps, which are provided between songs and during times of “open” prayer.
  • The Holy Spirit frees people up to do anything that is in God’s will.
  • The Holy Spirit moves people to participate in full body worship. This includes raising of hands, jumping, singing, etc.
  • Charismatic worshippers feel like this style of worship equips people to leave the worship experience and carry Jesus to a lost world.
  • The ability to become free from worship is to break free from the view of man. Worry more about being obedient to God than what man thinks about one’s actions.
  • There is an emphasis on connecting with God through worship.
  • Equal time is given to worship and Bible study.
  • A lot of time is devoted to prayer and one on one ministry.
  • Always done in a contemporary format with multi-piece bands.
  • Individuals from Generation “X” and “Y” are attracted to the “power encounter” when attending charismatic churches.
  • There is a need to balance the desire to make visitors feel welcome but also welcome the Holy Spirit to move.
  • The 21st century church is evolving. It is important to be open to the wind of change.
  • The intention of this style of worship is to glorify and give attention to God.


4 Responses to Components of Charismatic Worship

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  2. Njagi says:

    most of the present charismatic worship is amalgamation of rock and Christian music and therefore not acceptable according to the biblical standrds

  3. jeffrey oexler says:

    The early church moved in the power and liberty of the HOLY SPIRIT and glorified FATHER in actual supernatural acts of HIS SAVING LOVE IN CHRIST JESUS . The “modern church”, having succumbed to fear and abject carnality, has DENIED THE POWER OF HIS ENDLESS LIFE and thus, HAS NO TESTIMONY OF POWER ! All that these unbelieving “cessationists” have is TALK , TALK, TALK ! They will go their whole “Christian” life never having had adventures in the HOLY SPIRIT, and never really knowing if they have FULFILLED THE FATHER’S WILL!

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